December 2, 2011

DIY Wood Table

Evan and I were out shopping the other weekend and fell in love with a kitchen table!  We really wanted to get it, but it was out of our price range.  So we decided to try and make our own!  For the next couple weeks we kept an eye out for the perfect table base.  We happened to be passing by our local thrift store the other day and ran in to take a gander.  And guess what?! I found the perfect table base!  Guess how much??  10 bucks!  Score!!  We bought the table then headed over to Home Depot to buy some plywood to put on top of the table we found.  We had the plywood cut to the size we wanted and held onto the scraps to see if we could use them for something.

We brought the table home, sanded down the wood and the edges, painted on a wood protecting gloss and then glued the plywood to the top of the table.  It was as simple as that!

My 10 dollar table!

With the extra pieces of wood, we hung a piece on our wall and screwed a magazine holder to it. 

 Evan had the idea to use some of the scrap pieces to make shelves for the stand in our bathroom.  I think it turned out fabulous!

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