December 27, 2011

Bottle Vases

Here is an idea for using your empty New Years Eve bottles...

Flower Vases

How I made them
First, I soaked the bottles in hot soapy water to help the labels come off easier.  
Second, I used Goo Gone to get the remaining label off.
Third, I spray painted, mod podged and tin foiled the bottles.

To mod podge the bottle I painted it on with a brush then tore out pages from an old book and stuck them on to the bottle.

For the tin foil bottles I mod podged the bottles then wrapped the tin foil around it.

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Kelly Brown said...

Creative, I like the painted blue one. How does the tinfoil one look? I mean, do you like the tinfoiled one? Also are those Martinelli bottles?

The Thrifty CupL said...

Yep they are, my favorite one is the painted blue one too! I think the tinfoil ones are fun for the holidays and the other ones are cute year round

Jamie said...

Hello, I really love what you have done with your glass wine bottles! I've linked to them from my new blog here:

Thank you for sharing!

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