December 30, 2011

Room and Bathroom Transformation

My Sisters and I surprised our little brother Caleb by re-doing his room for his birthday.  We spent a full day working on it and paid less then 50 bucks to complete it.  He was very surprised and loves how it turned out!  

Thank you Belle and Kye for all of your hard work:)

We also re-did my Mom's bathroom for her.

We took out the large mirror and replaced it with a smaller framed mirror.  Then tiled a back splash behind the sink.

We also tiled the top of a cabinet for all of her towels.

Total cost: 68 dollars

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Kelly Brown said...

Tay, you are one of those "resourceful" women! I admire your talents and your ability to create and do things within your budget and you are just very talented. I am following your blog because I am going to start thinking of ways to teach myself to paint and design my home. I want to start with the boys room. Anyway, I want to ask how to paint a toddlers bed and your thoughts on ideas and colors. I would love your help!

Kelly Brown said...

Ps- I love the new room for your brother, looks fantastic!

Kristin said...

Awesome job!!!! You do amazing work!

The Thrifty CupL said...

Kelly you are so nice! I really appreciate it:-) for the toddler bed it really just depends on the color sceme you are going for? I will call or text you next week and we can put our heads together and come up with an idea:-)

The Thrifty CupL said...

Thanks Kris, love you:-)

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