December 19, 2011

Window Treatment

 Evan and I decided to replace our old plastic blinds with a bamboo window treatment. We were fortunate to find the treatment for only 10 bucks at our local thrift store. (The DI) 
We love the new look, there was only one problem... you could see right through them at night!    
So we went to Home Depot and found window film that you stick to your window so you can't see through but it still allows the sun light to shine through.  It was a lot more then we wanted to spend so I started trying to come up with a cheaper solution.  
Then I thought of using Wax paper!
  Here is how we did it...

First we put vegetable oil on the window with a paper towel.

Then put the wax paper on the window and smoothed it out with a rag. 

Look at the difference the wax paper made. :)

Nixon had fun jumping on the wax paper.  It made a lot of noise!

A view of the window from the outside.

I'm excited about how it turned out!

I used the same idea to put snowflakes for our windows and mirrors.

First I folded the wax paper and then cut out a snowflake. 
Second I rubbed the oil on the mirror/window and placed the snowflake on it.
Third I dabbed it with a paper towel.
fourth I cleaned the oil off the mirror/window with Windex.
(I had to clean it a few times to  get all the oil off.)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Kristin said...

You guys are so creative! Love it!

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