January 28, 2012

Nail Painting

Ok, So I have a weakness.... or maybe it's an addiction?  Every time I go to the grocery store or beauty supply store, I want to buy a new color of nail polish!  There is always a new color that I don't have that I need, right?

Well my nail polish addiction can become pretty costly... so I came up with a cheaper solution to help cut back on my spending habit.  
Acrylic Paint

Here is what to do.

First- paint on a clear base coat nail polish.
Second- mix the desired color of paint with regular acrylic paint.
Third- brush on a coat of paint, let it dry, then brush on the second coat.  (I wasn't too worried about getting it on my skin because it comes right off with water).  
Fourth- If desired, paint designs on with a toothpick.
Fifth- after it dries, paint on 2 more coats of clear top coat nail polish.

Note:  This doesn't mean I wont be buying nail polish anymore... Just maybe not as often;)


Jamie said...

What a neat idea! Thank you for sharing this!

Kristin said...

Ha! That is awesome!! Cute toes!

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