May 20, 2012



 Sunday's are the best. It's so nice to have a day to relax and take a beak from the busy week schedule.  A nice day to hang out with my family and "sharpen the saw."
  I've made it a goal to blog more, now that we are all settled in and all of the boxes are finally unpacked. Please remind me to never move again!
Well anyways, would you like to hear a funny story? Okay! So the other day I was out on the back porch working on a project and Nixon comes out to me with something stuffed in his shirt and says, "K Mamma I ready to gooo!" I look down at him and he pulls out a boobie pad from one of my swimming suits from out of his shirt! I died from laughter. It was hilarious, I wish you could have seen it. What cracks me up the most is that he knew "somewhat" of where it was supposed to go! Such a smart little guy. Well anyways that's my funny story, hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

P.S I will be posting the project tomorrow.  Sundays are my day off;)

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