June 25, 2012

Button Down Shirt Refashion

Turn a button down shirt into a pillow cover!

I'm sure you have see this done before, but I wanted to give it a try!  

Here is how to do it.

1. First put the pillow inside of the shirt to figure out how much needs to be cut off.
2. Cut the shirt into a square by cutting off the sleeves.

3. Turn the shirt inside out and sew all the sides except one.

4. Turn the shirt right side out and shove the pillow in it.

5. Now here is the fun part... hand stitch the last side, I know right.., so fun. 


Today's Beauty Tip

This is for all you chap-stick addicts!  I'm Guilty. 
Today on "The Doctors", I learned that the best way to keep your lips moist is to apply petroleum jelly/Vaseline to your lips only twice a day.  Because when you apply scented chap-stick over and over all day long you are just drying your lips out even more.  That is why you have to apply it ALL the time!  Which I do.  Sorry If I'm just telling you something you already knew.  I just learned something new and wanted to share!  I'm starting this today.

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