July 10, 2012

Braided Fabric Headbands

I am now selling these headbands on Etsy!  You can purchase them here.


Renae said...

hi, cute cute baby with braided head band. so cute! I found you via one of my followers(either Mary at merrydotdandy or Brooke at Inside Out Design) I too love to decorate and try to look good at it but not sure. Sure not a pro, I can tell you that. I'm your newest follower. Jump by mine and see if you'd like to join me?, too? (hug)

Renae said...

oh .... and did you know your blog name IS NOT linking back to your site? I had that same issue at first. Ya lose a bunch of interests that way. Just go into GFC and set up that your blog name is displayed. It takes just a second. I found you the long way around. Other's would be as patient, I'd wager. (hug)

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