September 1, 2012

A lazy kind of day.

Here I am again blogging instead of studying for a quiz in Sociology.  Oops.  I'm just really lacking motivation to study right now.  I told myself I would get around to it by last night, it's now 2pm the next day.  Where has the time gone?  I'll try to get around to it tonight.  

I have a really hard time doing things I just don't want to do.  Is that weird?  Things like... laundry, I would rather paint my nails. The dreaded dishes, I would rather look at a magazine while dipping chips-a-ho in to ice cold milk.  Or maybe actually make my bed? I would rather lay in it and read a book.

Can you tell I'm feeling a bit lazzzzy today?  In fact the song "Lazy" by Bruno Mars just came to mind. It really could be my theme song right now.

Leisure is the time for doing something useful. This leisure the diligent person will obtain the lazy one never.
-Benjamin Franklin

People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals - that is, goals that do not inspire them.
-Tony Robbins

That's it, I'm done being lazy! I am going to get up and do something productive.  

Maybe in a few hours....

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Morgan said...

I agree with you! I think it's just one of those kind of lazy days! I got up early and was super productive but now I'm pretty sure I'll just lie here and order pizza later. Have a happy labor day weekend! Sorry you have to study on a holiday!

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