September 23, 2012

Brigham City Temple

Brigham City LDS Temple

Today we went to the dedication of my Religion's 139th temple. It's a beautiful temple. My parents watched the boys for us so we were able to go. Church is a very different experience without having little boys to chase. We were actually able to sit there and listen the whole time. Weird. I almost felt bored sitting there like I should be up chasing boys down the halls or feeding them snacks or trying to get them to hold still for even a minute. But really, it was a great experience and so nice to sit next to my Hubs, his hand in mine and listen to the leaders of our church talk about the blessings and joys of attending the temple. They also announced the progress of the Rome Italy temple which got me very excited. It would be my absolute dream to be able to go back there and take Evan to the temple dedication. 

Construction of the Rome, Italy temple.

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