September 12, 2012


So there I was, working on my homework like a good little girl. Done. I finished my paper about how television influences us as children, pretty easy. Next, on to read chapter 3 and take a 17 question quiz. This quiz is a timed quiz mind you. So I begin the quiz. 1... That's easy, answer B. Question 2..3......8. Duh, I got this. Then from 9 to 17 it gets a little more tough. Question 11 with 10 minutes left. Then 15...16.... And I'm not sure if this answer is right...? But let's go with ummm C? 2 minuets lefts and submit! And... submit!? Okay, that didn't work so I hit submit again, and again... And again? During this time the timer is still counting down. 30 seconds left. Okay, maybe if I click the mouse harder it will work this time. Nope, still not working. Just as I try and click it again the page closes and this lovely message  of something like "sorry network failed, please load again" shows up on the screen. Oh how nice. I only had until 7 to submit the quiz and it was 430!!!! Well to make a long story short, I was finally able to connect back to the internet and retake my quiz. Procrastinate again? I think not. 

Project #7
Veggie Watercolors

I'm hoping these will encourage the boys to eat more healthy foods...? Wishful thinking.

So for this project I used these really high class watercolors. You know that ones in the school section at Walmart for 98 cents. Yeah those ones.

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Christina Marie said...

omigod its my biggest pet peeve when electroniccs dont work properly!

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