October 26, 2012

Spoonfuls of Sugar

Why Spoonfuls of Sugar? Well Evan actually came up with the title. He's also the one that came up with the name for my little Photography business. He's my go to guy. 

 I always have random pictures on my camera and phone that I want to post and when I do,  I usually just title them something like Update or lately on instagram... I never liked those titles but couldn't think of anything better.

 So I was talking to Ev about this and he said how about call it Spoonfuls of Sugar. It's what helps the medicine go down. I laughed because I'm pretty sure he was kidding or at least half-kidding. But then It kind of stuck. So since then, those little moments that matter most and helps the medicine or (hard times in life) go down, are posted as Spoonfuls of Sugar. Thanks to that brilliant Husband of mine. 

Spoonfuls of Sugar

Eating at one of our favorite Diners with Babe. 
I'm slightly obsessed with Papa Murphy's garlic chicken and cheesy bread.
Thanks to my friend Lindsy for introducing it to us!
The boys and I made some HaLlOwEeN cookies. 

I was hoping he wouldn't figure out how to take these ones off.

The only way I can get Jovi to eat bananas. 

Some of my favorite oils. 
Playing with his new washable stamp set.
This is usually how story time ends up. 

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