October 22, 2012

What's with 1022?

Today is my lucky day I guess you could say. Ever since I was 14, I started seeing the time 10:22 everywhere! I'm not even kidding, everywhere! My close friends and family can even vouch for it. I still get random texts from them saying, "Hey it's 10:22! just thinking of you," It's the weirdest thing. I always thought I would get married on that day, or something amazing would happen, nothing has yet. I'll keep you posted if anything does. Anyways here's to today, happy 10/22!

Sorry for posting this again. My Brother did such an amazing job, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Thanks again.

Photo Diary.

"Ta-Duh!" I love finding these little guys lined up all over the house. 

Da-da serenading the boys while they bathe. 

Nixon buddy saying goodnight to his turtles.

These two... I'm pretty sure I heard some chopsticks.

My little dreamboat and I on the carousel. 

Nixon in a 9 mo onesie pulling one of his typical silly faces. 

Warming up for his opening performance followed by Men in the Kitchen.

I love my beautiful Sistas. Thanks for the fun night!

Nixon and I watching his Uncle play some music at the college. 

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