November 15, 2012

An Early Christmas.

So we usually start setting up for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.
But this year... well I just couldn't wait another week!

I blame the Christmas music already being played in the stores. I also blame the Beach Boys Christmas album I found while cleaning out our storage.

So while Jovi took a nap, Nixon was my little helper.
We pulled out our little Christmas tree we used when we lived in our studio apartment.
It was the perfect size for the boys room.
(I'm saving the big tree for Dada to help with ;) )

After I got done setting it up, Nixon said, "That's terrific!"
Haha I love the funny things he says these days.

He helped me pull out all of the ornaments and Christmas decor out of all the boxes (even the ones I wasn't planning on using this year).

He lined all the knick-knacks up under the tree so that they could watch us decorate the tree. 

I wondered what Evan would think when he got home to a Christmas tree set up!
He actually didn't mind.

I think it even helped brighten up his day!
Everyone needs a little Christmas cheer,
even if it's the middle of November...

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