February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!

My Valentines Day started off by waking up to fresh flowers, a cute love note, and my favorite candy bar! {Snickers of course} Jovi was my cute delivery boy and brought me the flowers.
I made heart shaped pancakes and vanilla wafer-banana-sprinkle cookies. Of course with all the sugar involved, breakfast was a hit and gone in seconds.
Later that night my cute Mama came over to watch the boys while Evan and I went on a date.
Our date started out driving around town from restaurant to restaurant trying to find a place that wasn't more than an hour wait! I had my pregnant tummy set on Sakura but when we pulled up and there was no parking and the lobby was stuffed full of people. I knew the wait was going to be far too long for a starving pregnant girl to wait. So.... plan H we ended up at Players and actually had a very nice meal. I got the steak and salmon and Evan got the Philly cheese steak. Then we made our way to the mall. Probably sounds like a pretty lame date for most, but when you have kids and a hard working busy Hubs, you take what you can get and enjoy every second of it :)

To top off the evening we came home to a spotless clean house!! My Mom is seriously the BEST!!!

Valentines the boys made for their Dada.


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