April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

The Hunt.
As soon as all the eggs were gathered, Nixon was ready for round two.
This time, he hid the eggs, while we had to wait inside.
When he was finished, he rushed back inside and said "k guys I ready!" 
He then pretty much pointed out every single egg to us and helped us put them in our Easter baskets.
Couldn't have done it without his help. 
Kids really do make holidays 10x more fun!

Poor Jovi jumped off the couch and sprained his foot Friday night. But he wasn't going to let that stop him from all the Easter excitement. Look at him! The face of a champion.

Lovin on his Aunties "Easter" bunny and baby chicks.

Hope everyone had a fun Easter spending time with the ones you love!


Here's a short clip my BIL put together of the kids on Easter. It's called "The Easter Games" 
Haha I love it. 

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