May 30, 2013

Nixon & Jovi Facts


Nixon Facts//

Nix is now 3 years old.
He's my little social butterfly.
He makes friends without a problem.
He is Mr. Independent. "no let me do it" "not like that Mom!" 
His smile melts me every time.
He has the biggest blue eyes full of adventure.
He's obsessed with skateboards. (not sure why because neither Evan or I skate.)
He loves music. - The other day I didn't have the music on and was enjoying the silence until Nix perks up and says, "Hey Mom, can you turn the songs on pleassse?!" He also has an opinion on songs he likes and doesn't like. Like the song by Pink, every time it comes on he says, "Mom change it I don't like this song, it says broken in it."  Ha okay Nix, I can change it... Silly child. 
He randomly will say, "Mom I love your beautiful face!" and If I don't say, "Awwwwe thanks!" He will remind me and say, "Mom, say awwwwe!"
He has a better memory then me. Not even joking. He remembers things that happened months ago. 
He also has quite the temper. And is one of the best tantrum throwers when It comes to not getting what he wants. I mean, he's good. Real good.
He is very creative, and loves anything to do with art. 
He's also one of the best tower builders I've seen. I'm thinking an Architect maybe?

Jovi Facts//

Jovi will be 2 next month.
He is my little sweetie pie.
He has such a tender heart. Every time I give him something, he makes sure to get one for Niss "Nix" too.
He is very caring.
He has the cutest laugh on this planet. 
He also has the loudest scream on this planet.
He is more of a shy guy.
He likes to draw, but it never lasts very long.
He hates cold water and the pool.
He gets his feelings hurt very easily like when I tell him "no".
He LOVES candy and would eat it all day long if I let him.
He's becoming quite the Daddy's boy. Which I'm totally fine with:)
He pulls the funniest faces and loves to make people laugh.

I love these two sooo much.
 I love how different they are.
It makes life that much more fun and interesting. 
I really can't imagine life without them nor do I want to. 
All I have to say is, I am one LUCKY Mama!


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