May 19, 2013

Not again.

Last week we found out Evan has gallstones... Again. He got them last January and did a cleanse that worked so he didn't have to get his gallbladder  removed.  Well now the gallstones are back.
Last week he was in pretty bad condition. And I was pretty much a single parent.  He kept having really bad attacks and had to rest and sleep, A LOT. I hated seeing him in so much pain when there was nothing I could do to help. 

We went to the hospital to get some tests and an ultrasound done. Which was funny because I'm usually the one getting the ultrasound and was half expecting to see a baby in there floating around.
But of course there was no baby, but definitely some rather large gallstones. 

We drastically changed his diet to fruits, veggies, nuts and soups. NO MORE FATTY FOODS. It's funny because since we changed his diet, I have felt like I have to eat the same way. It's like I'm feeling for him. 

We bought a juicer off of a friend since mine has been broke for almost a year now, and I have been experimenting with juice combinations ever since. It's safe to say we are now hooked. Nixon even woke up yesterday morning saying, "I have an idea! I wan pancakes and a fruit smoothie for breakfast! Is that a good idea Mom?" haha I love it when he comes up with these good ideas.

Our favorite thing to do is blend the juice and then blend some ice and pour the juice over the ice. It's seriously the best! A fruit and veggie slushy of goodness.

So far, since we changed his/"our" diets, he hasn't had any real bad attacks. 
Now we just wait to hear from the doc to see if and when he needs surgery. And In the mean time hopefully, we can get on some type of health insurance!:/

Ugh the joys of life!

Oh to be young again and walk barefoot wherever I please. 


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