June 12, 2013

Family life

My Family means the world to me.
 I don't think I have ever shared the story of how our family came to be on this blog. So here we go.
Evan and I met 5 years ago in a little hot town called St. George.
My home town and where I grew up.

His band Postcards Home was playing here, and one of his cousins (who I had been friends with for quite sometime) invited me to go to see them play.
Being the girl I was and somehow only dating musicians... said of course I would go!

Two guys I had previously dated just so happened to also go.
Which was totally fine, because I usually managed to keep a good friendship with the guys I dated. Well most of them. 

So there I was standing in between two of my old boyfriends looking up at the man I would soon be marrying. But at the time it was only wishful thinking ;)
I never actually thought that babe-a-licious bassist/front man would actually consider marrying me!
But guess what? He did.

After the show I went up to talk to him with my cousin Taryn.
Later she said she could sense some kind of connection between the two of us.
Which made me smile from ear to ear and gave me some hope of maybe seeing him again.

He had a pretty long beard at the time and I remember falling in love with his smile.
He reminded me of Noah from the Notebook, seriously.

So about a month later, we tracked each other down (more like I tracked him down...)
and we had our first date.
I believe it was August 28th.

We went on a triple date with my Sister Chantelle and my Cousin Cecily.
It was honestly one of the best firsts dates I have been on.
It wasn't awkward at all.
It was like we had hung out before and been buddies forever.

After that first date we hung out everyday since. 

And now we are married with two beautiful little boys, Nixon and Jovi.
They are 14 months apart and are becoming the best of friends.
 They bring so much joy into our lives.

We are also expecting a little girl next month and couldn't be happier.
Life is bliss.

Of course it has it's hard times. 
But with out those hard times, the happy ones wouldn't be as memorable.


Thanks so much to my Brother Sky and Sis Chantelle for taking our family pics!
He never ceases to amaze me with his talents! I sure am going to miss him when he leaves for an LDS mission next week :( 
I'm sure he will do awesome out there though! 
Wuv you Brother. Thanks again.

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