July 26, 2013

P i o n e e r D a y

P i o n e e r  D a y  P a r a d e //


I have to say I'm pretty amazed that I was able to get myself and 
all three kids dressed and out the door by 8:45am to make it to the parade by 9am.
That's usually about the time we roll out of bed!;)
So really, it was a success!

The boys were pretty grumpy when we got there.
For some reason, Nixon thought there was going to be animals in the parade.
 It wasn't until the horses and the candy that he decided he actually liked it.

After the parade, we walked around the park, tried to stay in the shade as much as possible, 
watched the kids race and got snow cones and fresh scones. Mmm mmm. 
We also ran into a lot of family and friends we haven't seen for awhile, which was fun.


Later that evening, Babe surprised the boys with a box of fireworks.
They were pretty excited and could barely finish their dinner.
The deal was they had to finish their dinner before we could go do fireworks.
I've never seen them eat so fast nor be so willing to eat!

After shoveling in their food, they brought out their chairs and OOed and AWWed 
at the fireworks as Babe lite them off.

When it came time for the sparklers, they were a little hesitant at first,
but quickly warmed up to the idea once they saw Babe doing it. 
I also joined in and Baby Gibson watched all the action contently from a far.
Shes such a good baby girl. We are so lucky to have her:)

*-*-F I R E W O R K S-*-*


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