July 12, 2013

To my Wife.

I figure it’s about time that I guest post on my loves blog and give her a few sentences of praise for all the amazing things she does.  If you have not gotten to know Tayli yet, you should know she is the most amazing person that I have ever met.  She cares only for others, puts herself last, in fact as the oldest of eight children this has been a lifelong practice for her.

 For the majority of our marriage we have been on a journey to find our path, we are artists and being so helps us feel a bit justified for blowing in the wind as we do.  I have spent many long days working to take care of my family to come home and find a loving wife waiting for me.  Our home encourages creativity, we love to find joy in the arrangement of things, (since we know nothing is ever created but more so arranged) I love it, it makes me happy to be home.

 Two days ago marked the birth of our third child, little Gibson Jade. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful daughter, all my kids seem to get the best traits from Tay so I’m sure she will too.  We are excited to have baby Gibson home, Tay is doing well, and everyone is healthy and happy.

One of my most favorite persons in the world once said, "We live on a spaceship called earth". If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be floating through the galaxy, this is it, pretty amazing right? Gibson Jade Stowers, you made it to earth, it’s a pretty awesome world filled with wonderful people who you will love to meet.  We are excited to have you join our family. I’m sure your life will be quite an adventure, and you won’t have to expect less. 

Love, Babe.

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