August 5, 2013

St. George H O T spots - Frie's Fruit Market

My Sister and I are starting a new series on this blog called St. George H O T spots.
 It's for those of you who plan to visit St. George, who have never even heard of St. George, and for those who live here and are looking for something to do... This is for you.

To kick off our St. George Hot spots, my Sister and I took the kidlets to our local fruit market, 
Frei's Fruit market. to help us pick out some fresh fruits and veggies.

Miss Haiven was very fond of the peaches.
Nixon Buddy went straight for the grapefruit, his all time favorite.
And Jovi Povi hawked an ear of corn across the market.
It's always quite an adventure with these three, let me tell you. ;)

This little market was started by Landon and Wanda Frei. 
In 1956 they set up a card table in their front yard and began selling their fresh produce. 
It was a success from there.
You can read more about it here

Moby Wrap found here


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