November 2, 2013


All month, Nixon has been asking me if today was Halloween. You should have seen the excitement on  his face when I finally said "yes today is Halloween!" pure joy.

Here is how our day went.

We ate breakfast, got the kids in their costumes, loaded them into the car, come to find out... Babe had lost the keys and couldn't find them anywhere! We only have one car now that Blare (Evan's 85 Toyota Camry died on us... Rip). So we have to coordinate our days just right.

The plan was for Babe to drop us off at my Mom's so we could go visit my Grandpa and also go to my little Sister's school parade with my Mom and Belle while Ev was in class... but we seriously couldn't find the keys ANY where. 10 mins into searching, the boys started getting restless in their car seats and started fighting with each other while Gibby just smiled and stared at them. After searching the house and car each 50 times! We finally found them on the dashboard of our car... We had a good laugh about it.

The rest of the day seemed to go more smoothly. We made it to the parade. Babe made it to class. Then we went  Truck or Treating at Iceberg and got free ice cream cones! Then made our way to my parents trunk or treat. I guess we totally bypassed the traditional door to door "trick or treating" this year. I was fine with it though because I ended up caring Jovi most of the time at trunk or treating - can't imagine caring him around the whole neighborhood. plus It's a good thing for Grandpa's because he was able to help with Gibby while Ev and I took the boys around to everyone's trunks for some candy.

The boys thought It was the best day ever. They thought it was the coolest thing that everyone just kept giving them candy instead of having to beg Mama at the grocery store for some. Jovi started getting a little picky towards the end and would put back the candy that he didn't want and try and trade it for something else. haha he cracks me up.

By the end of the night, the boys were all hipped up on candy, Gibson was fussy and Babe and I were exhausted and ready for bed! It was a fun day, but now I have two buckets of candy I have to hide or it will be gone in seconds and i'll end up with two tummy-ache boys! 

The boys with my cute niece Haiven.

Visiting Grandpa Sorensen. He makes 91 look good!

At my Sister Kandi's school parade. Look how cute they all looked!


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