November 12, 2013

Photo Diary - 11.11.13

Today started out kind of slow. You're typical Monday I guess. As the day went on I was able to kick it in the but and get some things check off my to do list. I got the kitchen cleaned, stove scrubbed, front room cleaned and vacuumed and all the kiddies fed. I didn't get everything checked of my list, but I definitely put a good dent in it.
This little child loves. his. baths. He would probably live in there if I would let him.
Jovi is so sweet with his "bay-be gull" He tells her, "be back baby!" as he runs to see what Nixon was yelling about.

She is loving this bumbo. She loves sitting up and feeling like she's apart of all the action. Even when I lay her in her bouncer or car seat she does mini crunches like she's trying to sit up. silly girl.
We had breakfast for dinner tonight. I started adding whey protein powder and flax seed to their pancakes. They love them. Also Nixon has been trying new foods lately and getting less picky which I am so grateful for. Now I'm hoping Jovi will come around too.
Watching cartoons together before story time and bedtime.
I just love this happy baby girl. I especially love it when she grabs my finger and holds it tight. Melts my heart.


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