December 5, 2013

The Cold Hard Truth.

I've been working on a list of "cold hard facts" (that's what I decided to call them) about my life. things I don't really like to dwell on or talk about. I strive for perfection. I like to make things look and appear beautiful, so it's hard to share the not so beautiful things. The things people really don't talk about. The reality of how life REALLY is.

I started this list a couple months back and have been hesitant to share until I read this post my sister in law shared. Then it gave me some encouragement that maybe I really should share this post.

So here it is, the REAL deal.

-I started this blog with the hopes of reaching and inspiring as many people as I can.
-I like perfection but also get bored of the details.
-Jovi, at 2 1/2 still sleeps in a crib because after I switched Nixon into a toddler bed he stopped napping. And I NEED nap time.
-I use to do a lot more crafts and learning games with the boys but since Gibson was born I hardly find the time to do them.
-We eat pizza a lot.
-I'm constantly putting the boys into time out. They can be so naughty sometimes!
-I love the idea of eating raw/clean/healthy but would never give up the other foods I like to do so.
-If  Gibby wakes up during the night, she then sleeps in our bed.
-Nixon is so hard to get to sleep at night. I have to lay by him in our bed until he falls a sleep then move him to his bed. otherwise he's up all night with us until Ev and I go to sleep. He says his bed is too cold and his room is scary? I'm not sure why. Probably just an excuse to get to sleep with Mom & Dad.
-I love making "pretty food" and presenting them in a "pretty way" but hardly ever have time or money to do so.
-I use oils and prefer holistic care but on the other hand I had an epidural with all three children and can't image going natural. (I admire those who can)
-I find the words "green" "self sustaining" "solar" "eco" all amusing but also lovethe convenience of plastic bags and paper plates.
-I dream about living outside of Utah but don't think I could bare living far away from family.
-I'm excited to start making our own family traditions.
-After having Gibby, I feel like I somewhat lost myself and found meditating very helpful.(I have my friend Weslie to thank for that xox:))  I think I'm finally starting to feel more like me again.
-I had my heart broken pretty bad before I met Evan which made it hard for me to trust another person with my heart. The first couple years of our marriage was pretty hard. But after working together and seeking outside help I can now say I have never been so deeply in love with the man I am now. He was meant for me and I was meant for him.
-I hate doing dishes but I love vacuuming.
-I rather watch a movie at home snuggled up on the couch because I always get so cold in movie theaters.
-Sometimes I forget to brush the boys teeth before bed.
-I let Nixon eat ice cream for breakfast the other morning (oops) But then he ate a pretty good healthy lunch so I feel like it helped balance is out.;)
-I use to paint my nails/toes every week but now its every 1-2 months or whenever I find time.
-The only time I'll make a special effort to clean the house is if I know someone is coming over.
-I've thought about deleting this post 4 times now.

Well there it is, my list of not so talked about real life things that I may or may not be posting... no? yes? no? maybe? YES!

"Your children don't need perfect, they need you."

Now I'm going to go heat up some leftovers, build a fire, put the kids in their jammies and hopefully watch a Christmas movie with them then wait for babe to get home... that is if I can talk them out of watching Phineas and Ferb or The Aquabat Supershow.


Crystal said...

Tayli, you sweet girl! I may be older than you but you are such a beautiful person inside and out, your children are so blessed to have YOU! As well as those of us who call you friend too. I love hearing about your adventures being a mama. You are amazing and doing a great job! Love you hun!

Tayli Stowers said...

Thanks Crystal you're such a sweet friend:) thanks again for your comment it means a lot

wrenrose said...

I found your post really inspiring. Blogs sure make everybody look so perfect, so it's so reassuring to hear these truths. Thank you for having the courage to share.

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