March 22, 2014

Phone Dump

First off, hurray for spring! Secondly, I keep telling myself I'm going to get back into blogging more... tomorrow... and then it never happens.
Honestly I have been telling myself this for the past few months! 
Now that we are settled back into the condo and somewhat back into a routine (somewhat) I feel like I can set aside more time to blog. 
Because I really do love blogging and kinda miss it.


A few things that I'm looking forward to now that it's getting more warm.

*Going on more walks.
*Planting a spring garden. 
(Nix keeps asking me when can we make the garden beautiful again ha!)
*Taking the kids to the pool.
*Doing more outdoor activities as a family.
*Outside yoga (just started this this week and I'm loving it!) I'm such a nature freak its ridiculous. 
*Picnics at the park.
*Star gazing.

Just to name a few;)

Happy Spring!!!

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