April 1, 2014

There is Hope

Post by Evan

I've come to the conclusion that love, real love, is based more on a package of qualities than on superficial things. Recently, I have sadly witnessed many friends go through divorce. Most time, I only know one person so I may not get an accurate account. Now I work with beautiful people so it stuns me if I ever hear ''he or she fell out of loving that person'' both of them are still beautiful so how can they suddenly look past them and think otherwise?  It's my opinion that they just fell out of love with their qualities. Their face may have attracted them to them in the beginning, but their qualities kept them together. Maybe after time people just slacked on what made them great in the first place, maybe they picked new lesser great qualities. Whatever it was, it drove the two apart and it could come from both sides.

I feel like in this there is hope. To all my friends,] If you are loosing a relationship, help fight to bring back those qualities. Identify the new qualities or discover even greater qualities together. If sadly you did split ways.. there is hope. Look for the qualities in someone else that spoke to your soul in the first place.

I lucked out and got the most amazing wife ever. But not just because she's beautiful. We have been together over 5 years, and I have to say, it has been one amazing journey to shape me into the better man I am today. I am only better because she had the ability to look past my weaknesses and see my true qualities. She sees things I can't see, she tells me she knows who I really am. Even gaining a little belly lately and she loves me. Likewise, I love her for things you can probably see through this journal she calls a blog.  But so much more.

I plead for all my friends to not give up hope. There are over seven billion people on this earth. I'd say you have a pretty amazing shot to find someone.

One last thing.  As I mentioned before, new and greater qualities can be discovered and developed. Look with in yourself and find what's lost. In the end we can only change ourselves, but I feel that change ripples until it can't but help affect others.

There is hope.

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