July 1, 2014

The Farm

I'm still catching up from our Salt Lake trip last weekend...
On Saturday, we went with my good friend Lindsy and her boys to a farm at Thanksgiving Point. She has 3 little ones all the same ages as mine, so you can imagine all the fun we have when we get together. Yes it's a bit crazy at times, but we love it and couldn't picture lives any other way!

When we got there, all the kids were so excited and raced in to see the animals.
As we were looking at some of the chickens Nixon says, "Mom why is the farmer so mean? he locked those chickens up so they can't run around!" His concern through me off guard a little bit, but also made me smile at how loving he is towards animals.
I assured him that in the evenings, sometimes they let all the animals out and roam around.
I also told him that I bet the farmers are actually really nice and take very good care of all of the animals. I think that answer made him feel better.

After that, we went on a wagon ride around Thanksgiving Point.
They all thought that was a lot of fun.
When the ride was over, we went over to a farmers market to check out some of the booths.

At the Farmers Market, I spotted a very pretty bracelet with healing stones on it.
I have been reading up on healing stones recently but am still pretty new with them.
The more I read, the more I am fascinated with them so I couldn't pass it up.

After browsing through the booths and nearly sweating to death, we headed to ice cream shop for some free kiddie cones, cold water and a malt shake.
It was the perfect cure for the hot summer day.

By that time, Lindsy had to get her boys to a birthday party, so we said our goodbyes:(( which is always hard to say goodbye to them, I never want our playdates to end!!:( At least they are only 4 hours away right?!

We procrastinated our goodbyes a little longer, then finally were on our way.

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