October 6, 2014

Lunch Date.

Gibs has finally mastered the straw. We are all still pretty proud. 
But even more, look at that face of determination.  
-Thanks to my BIL Dan for capturing this-
While the older kids were at Gramma Preschool, My Sister Chantelle and I took the babes out on a little lunch date. 
Gibby's cute headband from The Golden Polka Dot can be found here!
Gibson had fun picking through the leftovers. 
I'm crossing my fingers she will keep up her good eating habits! 
Whatever I eat, she has to have a try. 

Mr. Copelin. 
Can you even handle that cute little face! 

I love this little girl and that dimple too.
 photo taylisig_zps31f65bb1.png

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