November 13, 2014

Car Problems, Bills & Kisses from my babes

Slowly but surely we are getting settled into our new place. 
There is still a stack of boxes in the laundry room I am  avoiding. Mainly because I have no idea where to put it all. 

Yesterday I spent the morning looking over the bills and changing our address, you know all that fun stuff. Ev didn't work until 1, so he did some things around the house and ran a few errands before work. 

Both of our cars haven't been working, so we were very grateful when a few friend said we could barrow one of his cars. 

One of our cars is ready to be picked up today, but we are probably going to hold off on getting the other one fixed for now since the van was a lot more then we had expected. So we will be down to one car again until we can get the other fixed. I hate car problems. 

I spent most of the morning and afternoon on the computer trying to get everything changed and figured out.

The boys played with play dough and watched PBS while Gibson played with her baby and occasionally came over to me to sit on my lap. Which usually meant taking a little break since all she wanted to do was bang on the keypad. 

After nap time and dinner, I was needing to give my brain a break from finances and bills, so we through some blankets in the dryer, then snuggled on the couch in them all comfy and cozy while we watched Maleficent for the first time. I loved it. I'm a sucker for fantasy. 

It was fun to just hang out with my babes, and not be worrying about a thing. During the movie, the boys both started kissing on my cheeks (they were pretending to be the prince and i was sleeping beauty) Gibson wanted to join in too, so she stared giving me kisses right on the mouth. At one point. all three of them were smothering me with kisses. I thought my heart was going to burst! I love my little sweeties so much. They always seem to know when I need their lovin the most. 

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