September 11, 2011

Framed Fabric

I had a lot of old frames just laying around my house taking up space.  I didnt want to get rid of them so I came up with the idea of framing some fabric I had leftover from other projects. First I painted all of my frames the same color and then I cut out the fabric and put it behind the frames.  It was really simple and I am quite pleased with the out come! 

My Sister Chantelle came up with the idea of using 
scrapbook paper for the same idea.
She painted all her frames a 
light torquiouse and found cute floral paper
at the craft store to put in the frames.

She also came up with this other idea of using your frames... You could also use candles or a plant or any other kind of nicknacks you have. 

Post by Tayli.

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Tiffany said...

That turned out cute! I like the flowers with the frame behind it - good idea! I didn't notice the frame when I was there.

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