December 9, 2011

Date Night!!!

It's date night tonight!  

Instead of going out and spending money tonight, how about curling up on the couch to a good chick flick with your special someone and stage a romantic evening together!

I know its suuuper cheesy but I created a get-away-retreat right in our own front room.  I just draped fabric above our couch and hung some lanterns from the ceiling. Way cheesy but you know you love it.

To make it, I hung a dowel over our couch and then draped some fabric over it. Anyone could do this. Really.

For the lanterns, I cut up some old blinds I found at a thrift store for only 6 bucks!  

How to make the lanterns;
1. Cut the blinds to the size you want.
2. To start creating the lantern frame, I hot glued wire to the top and bottom edges of the piece you just cut out.
3. After the glue dries, roll it  into a circle and hot glue it together.
4. Make a X with the wire at the bottom of the lantern and hot glue the battery operated candle in the middle of the X.
5. Bend another piece of wire into a U shape and hot glue it to the top of the lantern for the handle.
6. Tie string to the handle then hang it by a hook from your ceiling.

I wish I would have taken better step by step pictures, because I'm sure this make nooo sense.  Sorry!


  Voilà!  You got yourself a lantern!

Cheers to your romantic evening!



Kristin said...

what a darling idea!! very cute! and i love the pillows!!!

Jamie said...

how fun! you guys are so creative!

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