January 4, 2012

How To Cut Back Your Expenses

Evan and I have been reading a book called 1001 ways to cut your expenses.  It has a lot of really good ideas and has been very beneficial to us. We would highly recommend it to anyone! 

Here are some ways to cut back your expenses

Meatless Mondays

Wash your clothes on cold instead of hot. Give it an extra spin cycle that will help cut down the drying time.  Dry more than one load at a time.  This will help save money on your electric bill.  Hanging your clothes out to dry will help cut it down even more!

Get in the "recycle" habit.

Walk or ride your bike when ever you can.  It will help save money on gas.

Turn of the lights when you leave the room.

If it's not on, unplug it.  Surge protectors make this process very simple.

Buy toys that will last.  Then you can pass them down to your next child.

Shop second hand stores.

Drink MORE water.

Use "old fashioned" multipurpose house hold products (ammonia, boric acid, baking soda) rather than heavily marked single-purpose products.

On a rainy day take a inventory of all your household items, food, etc. This helps you see what you have, and prevents duplicates. By doing this you can also create a game plan how to use these items up.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book and learn more ways to cut back, the link is on the side of our blog. 

Happy Saving!  

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