January 6, 2012

Oh Shish Kabob

Here is a fun breakfast idea for you and your kids.

Breakfast Shish Kabob's

We made them last night for dinner and they were so delicious!  Nixon even liked them, he had fun pulling the food off of the sticks and eating it.  He ate a good amount which made me one happy Mama.

Getting pretty good at cooking with one hand...

Fruit Shish Kabob

Breakfast Shish Kabob
-Small pancakes

I saw this nifty idea on Pintrest but they used a ketchup bottle instead of a syrup bottle.
What you do is, mix up your pancake mix and pour it into the empty syrup bottle.  Then you have a handle to pour and it makes less of a mess.  Genius!

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Nicholaus said...

Yummy!!! I want some! Come make me breakfast tomorrow :)

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