January 9, 2012

Wall Dividers

So I had the idea of making wall dividers for our kitchen bar just for a fun accent.  I explained to Evan how I wanted them to look and he sketched out the idea.   Then we headed to Home Depot to get our supplies for the project.  We found these acrylic lighting panels and thought they would be perfect to make the dividers. We also got some 1x2's to build a frame around the panels.   
Here is how we did it...  (We are both very visual people so I like to post a lot of pictures!)

Materials used:
1x2 wood
hot glue
metal brackets 

We cut the 1x2's and built a frame for the Lighting panels.

Then glued the corners with gorilla glue and screwed on metal brackets to hold the frame together.

Then hot glued 3 pieces of balsa wood sheets evenly apart onto the frame.

Then glued the corners and sides of the panels to the frame with a dot of hot glue.

Before we could start the next one, Jovi needed some attention...

The Finished product

If you don't want to try making them, 


Kristin said...

Oh they turned out great!! I love them!

Kelly Brown said...

I agree, these are very cool!

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