March 14, 2012

~Homemade Shirt~

  So I got this crazy idea last week, that I wanted to try and make a shirt.  When It comes to sewing, I am definitely no expert. I had never made a shirt before, so I thought I would be fun to try something new. 
  I didn't have a shirt pattern, and I wasn't about to drag both boys to the fabric store, (that's a nightmare waiting to happen!)  so I used one of my shirts as a pattern instead.  
  I laid the shirt out on the fabric and traced around it with fabric chalk.  I traced the front and then the back and cut both pieces out.

After both pieces were cut out,  I ironed along all of the edges and then sewed along the crease.  Then I sewed the front and back together.  It definitely did not turn out perfect.  And If you look at it close you can see all my mistakes and imperfections... but from afar it looks great!  So let's just admire it from afar.:)

Front and back of the shirt.  
I didn't have anyone to model it for me,  (My Husband backed out last minute;) so you get to sit back and enjoy these pictures of me trying to be a model.


The Fowlks' said...


Kristin said...

ooooo! i love it good job!

Ashley said...

I love that you made your own shirt! You did a fantastic's adorable! I wish I knew how to sew.

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