March 23, 2012


Wheatgrass in a week.
Growing wheatgrass is sooooo easy.  Anyone can do it! And it is SO good for you. 
I don't find the taste or color of it very pleasing at all.  So I close my eyes, plug my nose and gulp it down! mmm mmm.

Things you will need
Two containers.  One with holes on the bottom of it and one without.
Peat Moss

How to grow your wheatgrass
First, let your wheat soak in water in the container without holes for 8-12 hours. Then, drain and rinse them and let them sit in the same container for another 12 hours. 
Second, spread the peat moss at the bottom of your container with the holes in it.  
Third, sprinkle the wheat on the peat moss.
Fourth, water it really well and then 12 hours later water it again.  
From then on, water it once a day.

Tip If you keep a light on it at night, it will help it grow faster.
                              Day 7

On the 7th day, you can now "mow" your wheatgrass, juice it and enjoy.
The sprouted wheat is also yummy to snack on, or put it on your salads.

I take this job very seriously.  Growing wheatgrass is a delicacy. ;) Ya... not really.  

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