April 27, 2012

A Clean Slate

Moving. Just saying the word brings a a whole list of mixed emotions. Excitement, stress, anxious, anxiety, overwhelmed...etc.

We moved into a house last week and I am now past the stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed part, and entering the excitement stage!

A new place means a lot of painting and decorating! Its like a clean slate with endless opportunities to create and design.
For me, it means I have been having a lot of fun this week!
I have the boys room, boys bathroom, kitchen, front room, and patio finished. Now I need to start on our room. I am still unsure of the color I want to paint it, so I keep putting it off.

Well here are some pics of what I have done so far. Hopefully it will give you some ideas and inspiration for your home!

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Kristin said...

it looks darling!! really great job!! xo

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