May 2, 2012

Thrifty Finds & People Water

I asked my little brother what I should blog about today. His answer was, "uhhhhhhhh hair?"  Well I don't have a whole lot to say about hair.  I did go to hair school when I was 19, but I never finished... So let'sss talk about something else... How about the thrifty buys I found last week!   I'm pretty excited about them.   You will be too. 

My first find was this 5 dollar long skirt. It was about 10 sizes to big... so I just sewed in the sides and now it's the perfect fit!

~5 dollar skirt~

Pretty sure I was laughing at myself in this one.

My second find was this awesome 6 dollar chair.  We needed one for the desk in our room and it was the perfect fit.

~6 dollar chair~

Third find.
Books, books, books -  my Hubs loves to buy books!  I had to limit him to twice a week purchases because it was beginning to be an everyday event!

~Books, a dollar each~

Total spendings, 15$!  

So excited about our finds!  On another note...

Have you every heard of PeopleWater? 

I love seeing and finding people helping other people.  I think it is so awesome and gives me chills when I see it or hear about it.   
I discovered that People Water is doing that very thing.  When you purchase a bottle of people water, another bottle goes to someone else in need of clean water! Drop for drop.  How cool is that?! And the bottles are both biodegradable and recyclable.  I think everyone deserves clean drinkable water, so I just love what People Water is doing.

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Kristin said...

i love your finds!!! K model! love the pic you "are laughing at yourself" so cute! the books are awesome!! yeah for the DI

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