May 24, 2012

~Blouse Facelift~

I fell in love with this blouse at the thrift Store the other day.  I loved the color, the fabric, and the pockets.  But the sleeves were way too long and it just didn't fit right.  I almost put it back on the rack but I couldn't.  Then I thought to myself, "hey I could alter it!"  I must have said it out loud because the lady shopping next to me look up at me and smiled.  I walked up to the check out lady, a little embarrassed and made my 6 dollar purchase.
 Then I brought it home and got to work!

First I cut off the sleeves and hemmed around them. Then I sewed up each side of the shirt about a inch.

Then I 
 rolled each sleeve up twice and pressed the fold with an iron.

WaaLaa! A much better fit.

Before & After

I always ask Evan how I should stand while he's taking the pictures.  He just laughs and says, "I don't know, you're the model! you always look cute."  I love him for saying that but really I always feel so awkward.   I wonder if "real" models ever feel awkward?   Ha probably not because, unlike me, they know what they're doing.

Here's shot number 22, "hey how about this pose?"  It turned out kinda cool so I thought I'd share.

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