May 25, 2012

RockStar Tye Dye Pants

I know I already did a post on altering clothes, but I'm obsessed with it and can't seem to stop.  Here is yesterday's project.

6 dollar thrifty pants turned into, hello I wanna be a Rock-Star tie dye pants.  Just go with it.

The lovely things before...

The process.
1. Starting from the top, I tied rubber bands around each of the pant legs.

The look of them kinda creeps me out.  Anyways moving on.

2. Then I poured the clothes dye in the sink along with some salt and mixed it around. 
(I let them soak about 10mins because I didn't want them to be very dark.)

And here are the creepy blue pants... sorry I'm trying to get over it.

3. I rinsed them in cold water, threw them in the wash, then hung them out to dry.


4. After they were dry I removed the rubber bands, laid some of my skinny jeans on top of them, and traced around them.

Don't worry we are almost done.
5. Then I turned the pants inside out to hem up the sides.


And then... Just kidding that's it!
  We are done.
The End.

I take my work very seriously.

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Jessi said...

awesome idea! i recently made some white skinny jeans mint with dye. i should post them... Love the tie dye idea!


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