May 28, 2012

Dishware Design

Happy Memorial Day!!!

 How to give your old dishware a fresh new look.

You will need some dishwasher safe glass paint. 
 I used Martha Stewart all purpose paint. I really like it.

First I taped off the part of the cup I didn't want to paint.
Then I painted over it with a sponge brush. 
Tip- Be sure to take the tape off before the paint dries, because the paint will stick to the tape and come off.


Finito! The finished product.

The next one I used a stencil to paint on the design.

Cereal Bowl. 
This one was a lot more time consuming. 
But I like how it turned out.

{Please excuse my lazy Sunday hair.}

{pour some sugar on me}

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Jessi said...

so fun! I especially love the second cup. Great idea!


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