June 11, 2012

Planter Box >Coffee Table

Hey guys! Hope you had a grrreat weekend.  Be sure to check out this months "Giveaway" at the top of the blog ^

This picture explains perfectly how I'm feeling right now. Nicea, from Good Things Utah, called me and wants me to be on the show this week. Eeeek! I really just might pee my pants. I'm going to be demonstrating a few DIY projects from my blog. It's only going to be 4 1/2 mins. No big deal right? Right?! Once the cameras start rolling and the pressure is on, I'm sure the 4 1/2 minuets will seem like an eternity! Well wish me luck, I'm really going to need it. If you would like to have a good laugh and see me probably embarrass myself, It will be on this Friday at 10am on abc4. So that would be a perfect morning to sleep in.

Over the weekend I started working on a planter box for our mini garden.  But once I flipped it upside down to finish putting it together, I realized it would make an awesome coffee table! (We were in need of one too)  So now I have to figure out where to put my garden...

 {Don't worry the wet spot on the couch is only pee.  I'm totally kidding! or am I?}

Sorry that I don't have step by step instructions on how to build it.  Honestly I didn't know what I was doing and just built it as I went along.  I probably did it the most difficult way possible and I wouldn't want to have to put you through that.


Kristin said...

oh i love that idea!! i want to make one now!

Tiffany said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! I will be at work so you'll have to record it somehow. And LOVE the coffee table!

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