June 9, 2012

Star Gazing*~*

Last night, after we got the boys tucked in, we laid a blanket out under the stars in our backyard to star gaze. The summer night air was perfect!  It was so nice to have some alone time with just the two of us. And then the boys woke up.. no I'm kidding they really didn't, which is good because that would have made for a really short post. Anyways, I read to Evan for a bit and then we started to star gaze.  We spotted out the big dipper, the north star and what we thought were probably satellites but that's as far as we got. I think it would be fun to learn more about astronomy. It interests me.

 When we were younger, my sister and I put glow in the dark stars all over our ceiling and walls. It was awesome. Everyone that came over had to come see our awesome room. We even had glow on the dark pens and wrote secret messages on the walls. I just ordered the boys glow in the dark stars online and I can't wait for them to get here. I will have to post pictures of their room so you can see it too.

5 things I have my eye on right now.

1. Color Block Top from Asos

Image 1 of French Connection Color Block Top

2.  Sugar Coated necklace from Anthropology

Lauren Conrad's Favorite Flare 

3.Soft Studded Moccasins from Zara
{I Basically came home broke as a Nanny because of this store.}


4. Baby boy Arjuna Stripe Sweater from TeaCollection

 5. Origami Pajamas from TeaCollection


Why do I have to have such expensive taste! Uh.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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