June 21, 2012

Such a Super Model

My little Sister is a Rock-Star 

This little rock-star is my little sister Kandice, she's gorgeous right?  We took her out yesterday and did a photo shoot for her 8th birthday.   Seriously can't believe she's already 8!  She was so much fun to shoot and looked like a Super Model in every photo! She even pulled out some kissy face/hip attitude in some of the shots, it was great.  Love you Kandi girl! xoXox 

So last night I was on Pinterest and seriously got sucked in and couldn't stop.  I try to avoid Pinterest for this very reason.   You can check out some of my awesome finds here.

My latest thrifty find!

{4 dollar skirt}

I love finding a good find and the Thrift Store,  makes my day!  Thrifting is a lot different then just regular clothes shopping.  You have to dig through many clothes to find a good buy.  Some people may find it gross but seriously,  grow up!  Just take it home and wash it.  No harm done.  You can even sterilize your hands after you shop if you need to (I have seen this done in action). 
I find cute clothes here and there but my main agenda for thrifting is for my projects!  I love finding awesome vintage furniture and redoing it.   When I find something, I usually have a vision right there and then of how I'm going to redo it before I buy it.  It is my favorite kind of shopping!  I love it!  If you're not really into thrifting, I would encourage you to try it out!  It's one of those things you have to try at least once in your life.



Stacey said...

I can't believe you found that at a thrift store! I'm going to have to get better and thrift shopping! Thanks! You are adorable by the way.

his little lady said...

gosh, i really need to go thrifting more. you are just too cute, girl! and your little sister is beyond adorable!! a very happy birthday to her :)
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

Hi Tay! Thanks for following my blog and helping me find yours. I'm loving it so far and your little sister is adorable. :)

Sarah Hunt said...

Haha agreed. Grow up. Wash it. There is nothing I love more than answering the question "where did you get that cute shirt/skirt/ pants then by saying oh at the thrift store!!

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