June 20, 2012

Ice Cream Soup

Last night, we decided to venture out of the house and take the boys out on the town for some ice cream! We piled into the car and headed to Cold Stone (one of my favorite ice cream shops.)   On the way there we sang a few rounds of Old McDonald (Nixon's favorite).  This helps distract the boys from screaming and throwing tantrums in their car seat. Sometimes we even throw in some clapping to make it more exciting.  They love it and usually join in on the clapping.  And... finally! we arrive at our destination.   I always get chocolate ice cream with snickers.  Always.  Nixon chose the red one, he said, "I wan the wed one!" which ended up being watermelon with sprinkles. And Evan decided on a root beer float.   We sat outside in the courtyard to eat our ice cream.  We had to eat it fast, because living in a desert you have to be quick, otherwise you will be sippin' on some ice cream soup.

When we got home, Nixon decided he wanted to get into his pool (almost fully clothed too).  It was almost bedtime and they both needed a bath.  So I thought, "hey let's just bathe you guys in the pool", and that's exactly what we did. They LOVED it.

 {There was something on my camera lens, so you kinda of feel like you're in a dream when you look at these.  It's pretty cool.}

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The Fowlks' said...

Ha ha that's a great idea! I'll have to try it with haiv!

Tayli Stowers said...

I bet she would love it!

Bridget Miller said...

Do you have twins? They are so cute! Following you from Babblings And More!

Tayli Stowers said...

I don't! But they look like they could be! Thanks so much for the follow:)

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