June 19, 2012

Text Style Nails

You see text design everywhere; on furniture, bedding, rugs, walls, clothing, and even nails. I've been wanting to put it on my nails, but how? I remembered in middle school how we used to draw on paper and then transfer it onto our hands by licking the back of the paper, weird I know. Why did we ever do that? Anyways, I used that idea and put a newspaper over my nail and pressed water over it with a sponge.   Well that didn't work, so then I thought of trying nail polish remover instead of water, and guess what?!! It worked!  After all this experimenting, I found online to use almond extract or alcohol and this works great as well!

 Here is the first way I did it.

You will need
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cottons swabs
  • Newspaper or magazine 
(make sure to paint your nails in advance. It doesn't work well with freshly painted nails.)

First, wrap the paper around your nail.

Second, put nail polish remover on the cotton swab and press it on your nail for about 5 seconds. (make sure the cotton swab is only damp and press the newspaper on in a rolling motion for only a second)

And there you go! 

And this is another way to do it.

Things you will need.
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Almond extract
  • News paper
  • Top coat (I used a Matte top coat)
First, dip your painted nails into the Alcohol or almond extract for 5 seconds.

Second, press a piece of newspaper over your nail.

Third, paint over the text with a top coat.

Now you should go try it!


Jessi said...

I saw this on pinterest and have wanted to try it! You make it look so easy and I love that you used minty colored polish!! I have to try it now.


Babblings and More said...

Cute nails!
Thanks for the follow, I'm now following you...
Briana @ babblingsandmore.com

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