June 4, 2012

Wife Beater Re-fashion

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
  Here is today's project...

1. I twisted up the tank, then wrapped rubber bands around it.
2. Then I soaked it in Tulip dye for 45 mins.

3. Rinsed it, let it dry for 4 hrs then washed and dried it.

Tye Dye Bathing Suit cover

Tank/ Dress

1. I stenciled on a design with fabric paint all over the shirt.

2. Painted around the edge.

3. Let the paint dry then washed and dried it.

Pretty simple right?!!


Tiffany said...

Cute!!! I love the stenciled one!!! Color, stencil, belt, everything!

Tayli Stowers said...

Thanks Tiffy!!! I'm excited for next Monday!

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