July 27, 2012

Opposites really do attract

I was thinking last night about how there are so many different ways people express themselves. Obviously. But it just got me thinking of how important expressing yourself really is. Some people express themselves through music, some painting, writing, dance or theater. When it comes to expressing thoughts and feelings verbally, I am terrible at it. I am very closed off and don't like to open up. Evan on the other hand, is like an open book. I never have to ask him to open up to me because he just does, which isn't a bad thing. I love that about him. I think in relationships, it's usually the girl that pours out her life and the guy is closed off. Well in our case, it's the opposite. Yesterday we went and ran some errands together while my cute Mama watched the boys for us. Our first stop was the bank to get approved for a loan. I told Evan to let me do the talking this time because the last time we went, he was practically telling the loan officer our whole life story and financial background, you know stuff they really didn't need to hear. We didn't have a lot of time so I knew if I did most of the talking, we could get in and out and on with our day. Which we did and I was happy about it. I'm not saying this to talk down on him, I think it's awesome how open and honest he is. It has really been good for me to learn from him. I think it's good how opposite we are because we balance each other out. My weaknesses are his strengths and vise versa. I am also so terrible at making quick decisions, I have to sit and think it through. Drives Evan crazy some times. You should see me at Baskin Robbins, I mean 31 flavors, I'm going to need some time to decide what the best flavor is going to be that day. Anyways I'm not really sure where I was going with the post... But thanks for taking the time to read it! Opposites really do attract.

Here are some pics I found from some of our very first dates.  With my suppper platinum blonde hair.

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