July 25, 2012

Pioneer Day

It's crazy its been a week since I last posted.  Things have been really busy around here and I have no idea where that week went.   I have a lot of unfinished projects I need to finish before I can post them.  Please forgive me, I know it's been awhile.  I really haven't been in the crafty mood lately.  I've been taking care of a sick Hubs and trying to figure out what to do with school.  You see about a month ago, I had a really strong impression that I should go back to school and honestly, I never thought I'd see the day.  I'm thinking that I will just start out small and take some online classes.  Probably Math, which I hate and am terrible at, and a writing class.  I already took all the "fun classes" so now I need to cracked down and get the, not so fun classes, out of the way.  I'm sure I will probably enjoy writing more then the math, but they are both something I need to get better at.   I've always thought it would be fun to get a degree in Interior Design, but we will see.  So anyways, I think what I'm trying to get at is, since I'm a Mama of two boys, a dog, and a husband thinking about going back to school himself, there won't be as much time for projects.  I'm not saying I won't be doing anymore projects at all, I'm just saying you can expect there to be not as many.  
On another note, yesterday was Pioneer Day.  It's a holiday that is only celebrated in Utah.  It's kind of like the 4th of July but instead of celebrating our independence, we are celebrating when the pioneers arrived in Utah.  

Well let me tell you about our pioneer day adventure.  First we went to check out the festivities at the city park.  Oh and guess what?  Kody from Sister Wives was there just hanging out with four of his Wives and a baby strapped to the front of him.  My Sister and I just had to get a picture with him.  I felt kind of awkward asking, but I did and he was really nice about it.  Next we took Nixon to get his face painted.  I thought the seven, maybe eight year old, did a pretty good job at painting Elmos face on Nix's little cheek.  You can see for yourself in the picture below.  After the face painting we stood in line for the bounce house for about 20 minutes.  Which was so worth the 2 minute jump session... As we were standing in line, we met a little boy with six fingers!  I'm not even joking.  I saw it with my own eyes.  This line from Princess Bride immediately popped into my head "you killed my father. Prepare to die,"  such a great movie.  Anyways, then we got shaved ice, of course, and it stained all of our mouths blue. Perfect.  Then It started pouring rain, seriously pouring, so we all ran under a big tarp.  Well you see the rain formed into a big puddle of water right in the middle, so a lady running a booth pushed up on the middle to drain the water off of the sides.   As she yelled, "look out on the sides" the huge puddle of water came down right all over this poor old lady just minding her own business.  She was drenched, and I think she was in a bit of shock because her mouth was as wide as the grand canyon as she jumped up out of her seat.  I really felt so bad for her.  After that excitement, we all went and hung out at Gramma's house.  Well that just about wraps up our Pioneer Day experience.  It was definitely a great journal entry.


Renae. said...

You must live in Utah, too. Didn't know that earlier, did I? Did you see my post about our Park and the fun we had?

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Best wishes, Linda.

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